Submitted by ChristianHaider on Sat, 2011-08-20 22:28

now it really happened… Phhhh. After 2 years in production, I finally have it out in the open. Last year at ESUG, I showed a bit briefly and was hoping to publish it in a few weeks… 52 weeks is also few, right?

It helped to have a talk about it scheduled at ESUG on Wednesday :-) [see ESUG]( After the talk I will put the slides here (the best documentation I have, besides the code).

The past year, I mainly worked on Fonts which are crutial to PDF - that took a bit longer than hoped. I implemented Type-1 fonts and some windows APIs, but now I connected it to PDF - last minute… Not much tested, but seems to work.

This week was really the last time to clean up, disentagle references, fix bugs and add some demo code.

I rewrote the user interfaces (PDFExplorer and FontExplorer) abandoning Widgetry for this project (too many unrelated dependencies) - unfortunately. There was a price: 2 features of the original tools were dropped because they couldn't get implemented in the base system.

I think that there are a lot of docs to write - I guess Origo can be a good place for it.

Now I am really curious about the reaction of the community. Will people look at it? Can they use it? Will it be ported to other Smalltalks? What bugs creap up?

Happy hacking,


Comment 1: What is the status of PDF on non-Windows machines

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