Values A base library for immutable complex objects facilitating functional programming.

RDF The implementation of the W3C Recommendation RDF 1.1 XML Syntax.

PostScript Implementation of the PostScript Level 3 language (without graphics or rendering).

CMap Font encodings for Type 0 fonts (large fonts for Japanese, Chinese, Korean…)

Smalltalk Transform Project A translation tool for VisualWorks to generate Smalltalk for other dialects. Project specific code transformation declarations are used to generate a filein for the target dialect. This is the next more general version of the Gemstone Fileout project.

PDFtalk for Gemstone The port of the library to Gemstone Smalltalk. A talk about this was held at ESUG 2017: “PDFtalk for Gemstone” (slides are here).

The projects above are open source with MIT licence.

Snooper Stand-alone UI tool to inspect PDFs. This is the packaged version of the internal tool.

The tool is free, but not open-sourced.

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