The slides "PDF in Smalltalk" (a talk at ESUG 2011), give an overview of what this project is about.

Load the {PDFtalk Project} bundle from the Cincom Public Store into your VisualWorks image.

Copy the original PDF specification (ISO standard PDF 32000-1:2008) to your image directory. This PDF is needed for some examples and tests.

Note 1: The old version of the library is still in the store under the name {PDF Development}. Don't load this.

Note 2: The library uses the Values package. There has been an incompatible change in version 3. Unfortunately, the old version is in the contribution of VisualWorks up to version 8.3.2. If the old version is loaded, you get errors about OrderedDictionary. This class has been renamed to Valuemap in the new version. If this error hits you (I tried to prevent this by improving the prerequisites), please load Values version 3.x first.

Try the demos and examples.

Read the Documentation for the PDFtalk library.

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