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 Load the **{PDFtalk Project}** bundle from the [[storeaccess|Cincom Public Store]] into your [[http://​​main/​products/​visualworks/​|VisualWorks]] image. Load the **{PDFtalk Project}** bundle from the [[storeaccess|Cincom Public Store]] into your [[http://​​main/​products/​visualworks/​|VisualWorks]] image.
-Try the [[examples|demos and examples]].+Note 1: The old version of the library is still in the store under the name {PDF Development}. Don't load this.
-Read the [[documentation]].+Note 2: The library uses the ''​Values''​ package. There has been an incompatible change in version 3. Unfortunately,​ the old version is in the contribution of VisualWorks up to version 8.3.2. If the old version is loaded, you get errors about ''​OrderedDictionary''​. This class has been renamed to ''​Valuemap''​ in the new version. If this error hits you (I tried to prevent this by improving the prerequisites),​ please load ''​Values''​ version 3.x first.
-To get the latest news and to participate in discussions,​ subscribe to the [[http://​​list/​pdf4st|mailing list]].+Try the [[examples|demos and examples]].
 +Read the [[documentation]].
 ===== Related projects ===== ===== Related projects =====
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