Smalltalk Transform Project

Transforming Smalltalk code from one dialect to another.

Transformations are declared for each package, class and method. The transformations are applied to some code to generate the target Smalltalk code.

This is the next more general version of the Gemstone Fileout project.

A project started at the beginning of 2022 to port PDFtalk to other non-namespace Smalltalk dialects (Squeak, VAST, Pharo, ...)

State of The Port

Load bundle {Smalltalk Transform Project} from the Public Store into VisualWorks.

As example, you can load the bundle {PDFtalk Project} (the subject to be translated) and one of the following packages from the Public Store:

  • [Gemstone Fileout PDFtalk]
  • [Squeak Fileout PDFtalk]
  • [VASmalltalk Fileout PDFtalk]
  • [Pharo Fileout PDFtalk]

These contain the specific transformation rules for PDFtalk for different target Smalltalk dialects.

Read in the Smalltalk transform documentation about the technical details and how to use this tool.

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