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Smalltalk Transform Project

Transforming Smalltalk code from one dialect to another.

Transformations are declared for each package, class and method. The transformations are applied to some code to generate the target Smalltalk code.

This is the next more general version of the Gemstone Fileout project.

The only working example is the PDFtalk port from VisualWorks to Gemstone.

It is intended to cover other dialects (Squeak, Pharo, VAST, (Smalltalk/X; has namespaces)) as well.

[Begin of 2022] There is the possibility for a project to implement a general port for non-namespace Smalltalk dialects. A project page is setup here.

Get startet

Load bundle {Smalltalk Transform Project} from the Public Store into VisualWorks.

As Example, load package [Gemstone Fileout PDFtalk] from the Public Store.

Smalltalk is not Smalltalk

While all Smalltalk dialects share the same message sending paradigm with the same basic syntax. Many dialects extended the syntax (VW: namespace and literal bindings, Squeak: dynamic array, Amber: literal dictionaries, etc.).

The basic class library (Object, Number, Collection, Class etc.) with standardized selectors are the same in all dialects. But each one extends the library and classes with their own ways of doing things.

There are some cross dialect libraries like Glorp.

The UI, at the other end, is very different in all dialects, so that porting is almost impossible.



The source code is in methods which syntax may be different in the target system.

There are 3 kinds of changes concerning methods:

  • Ignore This method of the source system should not be written to the target system.
    Ignore method: #asPDF
  • Add This method is added to the target system. The method does not exist in the source system.
    Add method: #asPDF code: #_gs_asPDF
  • Replace This method of the source system is replaced by the body of the target method
    Replace method: #asString code: #_gs_asString
    • Rewrite The body of the source method is transformed by a Rewrite rule
      Rewrite method: #pdfVersion rule: #replaceDottedName



(to be continued…)

Rewrite Tool

The code transformations are done with the rewrite tool.

To do

Notes for myself for changes in the next version.

  • Class renamings. A project scoped operation where all references to a class must be rewritten
  • multiple rewrites. Serveral rewrites should be applied to one method source
  • Dialect namespaces. Each dialect should have it's own namespace so that target code loads without warnings
  • Usage detection. For recuring transformations, I want to find out which rules are not used anymore
  • Define classes first. References to unloaded classes cause an error in Gemstone. Allows forward references.
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