Setup the VisualWorks source image

Get the latest VisualWorks NC version from Cincom. This is version 8.3 from July 2017. This version will be sufficient for porting PDFtalk. Never versions will work equally well.

Parcel Manager > Popular: load parcels [StoreForPostgreSQL] and [SUnitToo(ls)]

System > Settings > Tools > Browser: check “Show bundle contents in load order”

System > Settings > Store > Prerequisites: select “Load latest version…”

Setup access to the public store.

Store > Published Items…: load Subjects to transform:

  • bundle {Values Project}
  • bundle {PDFtalk Project}
  • packages [Report4PDF] and [Report4PDF-test]

Transformation machinery:

  • bundle {Smalltalk Transform Project}

Transformations for specific Smalltalk - Project combinations:

  • package [Squeak Fileout PDFtalk]
  • package [Gemstone Fileout PDFtalk]
  • package [VASmalltalk Fileout PDFtalk]
  • package [Pharo Fileout Values]

Save your image :-)

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