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Pharo PDFtalk Port

The port targets Pharo versions 6.1, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and later 10.0.

The fileOuts are on GitHub.

Open questions without a clear answer or decision yet.

How are metadata handled in Pharo?

Where to put the package comment, license info, Bundle/Project comments, version number/tag/name and so on.

How rule do Monticello and Metacello play?

Category is marked modified. What does one do so that it appears clean?

How is library code usually loaded?

This project is an experiment in somewhat new territory. The goal is to port software from one Smalltalk dialect to another with a declarative approach. This has been done only once for PDFtalk from VW to Gemstone. Now the port is attempted for many non-namespaced Smalltalks at once. The idioms and ways on how to do things are yet to be found and invented.

For this, we need help.

If you have VisualWorks with version 8.3 or later, you can help by adding transformations for specific packages or by improving the transformation machinery.

Port the [Values Tools] and [Values Tools Testing] packages. These packages contain the code for generating new value classes. If you want to create your own Value classes you need this.

Add the tonel format as backend for the transformations (besides the old chunk format).

Participate here on the wiki (ask me for an account if you like to contribute).

Test it, use it, give feedback, ask questions… We are very interested in feedback on the code, documentation, the porting approach, the wiki contents. With your input the code can only improve.

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