State of the implementation

For an overview, the implementation status is commented here following the structure of the PDF specification.

Although many pieces are not implemented, the base machinery is fully functional. Most of the missing features are not frequently used. If you need them, it is rather easy to implement them with the PDF specification and all the examples in the library.

Chapter Topic Status
7.3 Object fully implemented with tests
7.4 Filters
7.4.2 ASCIIHexDecode fully implemented with tests
7.4.3 ASCII85Decode fully implemented with tests
7.4.4 LZWDecode partly implemented (using zlib), no tests
7.4.4 FlateDecode fully implemented (using zlib) with tests
7.4.5 RunLengthDecode not implemented
7.4.6 CCITTFaxDecode not implemented
7.4.7 JBIG2Decode not implemented
7.4.8 DCTDecode not implemented
7.4.9 JPXDecode not implemented
7.4.10 Crypt not implemented
7.5 File Structure fully implemented with tests
7.6 Encryption not implemented, encrypted strings are recognized
7.7 Document Structure fully implemented with tests
7.8 Content Streams and Resources fully implemented with tests
7.9 Common Data Structures fully implemented with tests
7.10 Functions fully implemented with tests
7.11 File Specifications not implemented
7.12 Extensions Dictionary not implemented

Chapter Topic Status
8.1 - 8.5 Graphics Operators Ongoing work. Operators are implemented and the Graphics State is modeled.
8.6 Colour Spaces All colour spaces are recognized, but only DeviceGray, DeviceCMYK and DeviceRGB are usable with a renderer
8.7 Patterns
8.7.3 Tiling Patterns not implemented
8.7.4 Shading Patterns implemented
8.8 External Objects not implemented
8.9 Images implemented with tests, except for inline images
8.10 Form XObjects
8.10.3 Group XObjects implemented as needed for transparency
8.10.4 Reference XObjects not implemented
8.11 Optional Content not implemented

Chapter Topic Status
9.2 - 9.4 Text Operators and Objects implemented
9.6 Simple Fonts implemented for Type-1 and OpenType(PS), not TrueType, not OpenType(TT)
9.7 Composite Fonts not implemented
9.8 Font Descriptors implemented for simple fonts
9.9 Embedded Font Programs implemented for Type-1 and OpenType(PS), not TrueType, not OpenType(TT)
9.10 Extraction of Text Content not implemented

Chapter Topic Status
10.2 CIE-Based Colour to Device Colour not implemented
10.3 Conversions among Device Colour Spaces not implemented
10.4 Transfer Functions not implemented
10.5 Halftones not implemented
10.6 Scan Conversion Details not implemented

Chapter Topic Status
11.6 Specifying Transparency in PDF implemented

Chapter Topic Status
12.2 Viewer Preferences implemented
12.3 Document-Level Navigation not implemented (support for Destinations and Outlines)
12.4 Page-Level Navigation not implemented
12.5 Annotations implemented
12.6 Actions not implemented
12.7 Interactive Forms not implemented
12.8 Digital Signatures not implemented
12.9 Measurements Properties not implemented
12.10 Document Requirements not implemented

Chapter Topic Status
13.2 Multimedia not implemented
13.3 Sounds not implemented
13.4 Movies not implemented
13.5 Alternate Presentations not implemented
13.6 3D Artwork not implemented

Chapter Topic Status
14.2 Procedure Sets implemented
14.3 Metadata not implemented
14.4 File Identifiers implemented
14.5 Page-Piece Dictionaries implemented
14.6 Marked Content not implemented
14.7 Logical Structure not implemented
14.8 Tagged PDF not implemented
14.9 Accessibility Support not implemented
14.10 Web Capture not implemented
14.11 Prepress Support not implemented

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