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Line 38: Line 38:
  <font: #​MICRDemoCheckPrixa>​  <font: #​MICRDemoCheckPrixa>​
  ^self file: '​MICRDemoCheckPrixa.otf'​ contents: (ByteArray fromPackedString: ​  ^self file: '​MICRDemoCheckPrixa.otf'​ contents: (ByteArray fromPackedString: ​
- '​S5QTS0@K@H@@@0@0P4YFHKS@0W@@@6@@@@V''​4]PS5O+F@D.@@@J_@@@@0QOT2<​2TWMYBP@@@R@@@@A..."​)+ '​S5QTS0@K@H@@@0@0P4YFHKS@0W@@@6@@@@V''​4]PS5O+F@D.@@@J_@@@@0QOT2<​2TWMYBP@@@R@@@@A..."​)
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-The newly imported Font can now be accessed by+The newly imported Font can be accessed by
 <code smalltalk>​ <code smalltalk>​
Line 47: Line 47:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-and used in the PDF for text as usual by its name: +and used in PDF for text as usual by its name: 
 <code smalltalk>​ <code smalltalk>​
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