Project Background

This will be paid open-source work funded and/or staffed by commercial companies.

Extending the transformation engine would be my job (see the to do list).

For each target dialect, there should be one Smalltalker familiar with the dialect and interested in PDF. This person will write the concrete transformations for the dialect. This person should be able to take reponsibility for the library in the target dialect in the future.

That person will become the expert in PDFtalk specific for the dialect. SHe will be able to maintain and extend the libary. Also, this opens nice opportunities for consulting jobs - there can be done so much more with PDF.

  • Smalltalk Transform Project Christian Haider technical lead, mentor and go-to person for code discussions
  • [Squeak] (Sagetea)
  • [Pharo] (HTS, Pharo consortium?)
  • ??[Cuis]
  • [Gemstone] (GemTalk?)
  • [VAST] (commercial) (Instantiations?)
  • [Smalltalk/X] (Patrik ┼ávestka?)
  • ??[Dolphin]

There should a Jira project or similar for structuring the project and for technical discussions.

This wiki page could be used for more general documentation.

This wiki itself must be moved to a lasting place.

The development of PDFtalk will move away from VisualWorks to another Smalltalk. Such implementation should have a UI, a port or rewrite of the Snooper. The Smalltalk Transform Project should move also to that Smalltalk to be able to generate the sources for other Smalltalks from there.

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